Effective. No side effects


Work in 45 minut. 100% natural

long lasting 2 days


Ginseng panax   .200 grs    Cordiceps 120gr.

Tongkat ali           100. grs.   Gingo biloba 80 gr.

Ginseng Men+

Is a Herbal perfomance supplement
that can help your sexual
 vitality by optimizing sexual perfomance
while supporting stamina and energy

                                                                                          packing in bottle or box   10 caps, 4 caps  and 2 caps


Q: I am over 60 years old. Will Ginsengmen work on me?
A: Absolutely. This product works on all ages of people. Actually, we have clients who are over 80 years old and use  the product  regularly

Q: How should one take it?
A: Take 1 or 2 capsules with a cup of warm water 45 minutes before planned love events. For best results don’t drink alcohol, take it one hour before  a full meal or 2 hours after full meal. As it works for at least 2 days (some report 3 to 4 days), you can take it hours  ahead of the event and don’t need to worry about having a full meal.

Q: Is Ginsengmen safe?
A: Yes. It is made of 100% premium natural herbs. It does not contain any  artificial  chemical,no prescription drug related
 side-effects have been reported. It is a good choice for people.  with diabetes. This product has been on the market for over 3  years and over 4 million capsules sold. No side-effects
 have been reported.

Q: Do I need prescription to buy Ginsenmen?
A: No. It is a herbal food supplement.

Q: Is it effective?
A: It’s the most effective herbal alternative to prescription drugs.

Q: What’s the dosage?
A: Normally 1 capsule is all you need. If you are old or have evere impotence you may need 2 capsules.

Q: A lot of herbal product need build-up (load) time. Does  Ginsengmen need to ‘load’ too?
A: No. You take it whenever you think you need it. No build  up time.